Faculty Seminar

The day went by so fast, I did not get a chance to take a picture before coming back from this Faculty Seminar at the Humanities Center at Harvard. The series is co-sponsored by the Harvard Stem-Cell Institute and the Humanities Center. The seminar was very interesting, and the others in the series promise to be equally exciting. Apart from the reading material everyone is supposed to have read before hand, the setting is also quite interesting, in a salon style (velour couches and armchairs for those who get there early enough) in the Barker Center's Thompson Room. Of course, I left my camera in my office (and it's probably just as well, I was already the most casually and colorfully dressed in the room, I don't know if taking a picture there would have gotten me kicked out... I'll have to try next time: the decor is really something, and I liked the Kronos statue a lot).Today's stair number: 2


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