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Priorities App Simply manage a list of prioritized items. With a little bit of free time on my hands, I decided to get up to date on how to make an iOS app from scratch in Swift and publish it in the App Store (as a paying App, which turned out to be an interesting experience in itself). This blog post is about the motivation behind the app and the design of the first version (well, technically version 1.2 - Download on the App Store!).

A list of prioritized items? I have been thinking for a long time about a simple app to facilitate my grocery/essentials shopping: I always buy the same basic items (milk, bread, cheese, tomatoes, chicken, yogurt, etc.), all I need to know when I am shopping is which items I will need again soon (or urgently). When I realize I will need something soon, I need a simple way to find the item (if already in the list) and put it back in the list of things to get. If it's a new item, I should be able to add it easily, and not have to add it again in the…