April 30, 2008

Full Bloom

Looks like candy.Today's stair number: 1

April 29, 2008


Paint-on grass!Today's stair number: 1

April 28, 2008

Spring Collection

More Spring flowers...Today's stair number: 1

April 27, 2008

Spring Collection

More Spring flowers...Today's stair number: 1

April 26, 2008

Spring Collection

Rhododendrons in full bloom.Today's stair number: 5

April 24, 2008

Tufts University

Visit at Tufts, just one T stop away.Today's stair number: 2

April 23, 2008

Definitely Spring

The trees are starting to turn green on the Bunting Quad.Today's stair number: 1

April 22, 2008

"Throw In Your Substance"

Step 3...Today's stair number: 1

April 21, 2008

Spring Collection

Blooming magnolia.Today's stair number: 2

April 20, 2008

Spring Collection

Weeping cherry tree?Today's stair number: 1

April 19, 2008

Spring Collection

Spring flowers.Today's stair number: 0

April 18, 2008

Spring Collection

Blooming trees.Today's stair number: 2

April 17, 2008

Spring Collection

Daffodils.Today's stair number: 1

April 16, 2008

Big Teeth

This impressive aquatic set of teeth resides at the HMNH.Today's stair number: 3

April 15, 2008

Different Scales

Skeleton of an Atlantic Harbor Porpoise against that of a Right Whale (or rather a small part of it), at the HMNH.Today's stair number: 1

April 14, 2008

Evidence As To Man's Place In Nature

The title of this post is borrowed from Thomas Henry Huxley's 1863 book, arguably the first to discuss human evolution (according to Wikipedia). This display at the Harvard Museum of Natural History is titled Huxley's Skeleton Group.Today's stair number: 1

April 13, 2008

One More

Aren't crocuses beautiful?Today's stair number: 0

April 12, 2008

Meet The Duckies

Many animals af all kinds (mostly dogs and their humans) enjoy the sunny afternoon at Fresh Pond. These two are among the more serene.Today's stair number: 2

April 11, 2008

More Crocuses

In different shades of blue/purple.Today's stair number: 3

April 10, 2008


They are poping up everywhere!Today's stair number: 1

April 09, 2008

Spring Sprouts

A nice garden.Today's stair number: 2

April 08, 2008

Mulch Season

The flowers look happy.Today's stair number: 1

April 07, 2008

More Spring Flowers

Could it really be Spring already? The flowers seem to think so; the sun is still making up its mind...Today's stair number: 2

April 06, 2008

Spring Blooms

Enjoying the spring-like sun.Today's stair number: 4

April 05, 2008

Hatch Memorial Shell

And Boston skyline from Longfellow Bridge.Today's stair number: 1

April 04, 2008

Color Touches

On the overcast sky.Today's stair number: 1

April 03, 2008

Ban On Parallels

Parallel lines in buildings are clearly not cool enough.Today's stair number: 2

April 02, 2008

Wine And Cheese

The traditional Wednesday wine and cheese reception following the public talk at 34 Concord.Today's stair number: 2

April 01, 2008

A Hint Of Spring

Colors slowly make their way back into the natural landscape.Today's stair number: 1