May 31, 2008


Breakfast in Downtown, near Wall Street.Today's stair number: 2

May 30, 2008

Natural History

Walked from NYU on W. 4th Street to the American Museum of Natural History (79th and Central Park West), then walked all over the Museum, and then walked all the way back! Very happy to sit down for dinner...Today's stair number: 0

May 29, 2008


New York University at Washington Square.Today's stair number: 0

May 28, 2008

Central Park

Looking to the East over the lake.Today's stair number: 0

May 27, 2008


The Chrysler Building.Today's stair number: 2

May 26, 2008

Blue Skies

Tree, soft cloud and plane over the quad. The composition juxtaposes three dynamic elements that operate at very different time scales.Today's stair number: 3

May 25, 2008

A Milestone

A full sheet of stair number records (both sides are full!).Today's stair number: 3

May 24, 2008

MuSA.RT on Asian Focus TV

Taping at the Channel 7 studios in Boston. The show will air in Boston on December 7, 2008 at 6:30am.Today's stair number: 5

May 23, 2008


Sun and clouds and lots of wind: a storm is coming!Today's stair number: 2

May 22, 2008

See Food

The Media Lab food bell: when food is available in the break room, a ring of the food bell (right) prompts users who subscribe to a networked notification service to take a look at the food from the comfort of their seat thanks to a networked overhead camera (upper left) and decide what to do about it. I sense a killer app port to the One Laptop Per Child.Today's stair number: 1

May 21, 2008


Fellowship graduation today. We are now in the books for posterity.Today's stair number: 3

May 20, 2008

Field Trip!

The Fellows visit the Media Lab.Today's stair number: 1

May 19, 2008

The Balanced Way

Healthy eating program at MIT. Too bad the taste is often not part of the balance...Today's stair number: 1

May 18, 2008

Bunting Quad Blooming

Fluffy white.Today's stair number: 2

May 17, 2008

Back Home

A blooming tree in the Bunting Quad.Today's stair number: 3

May 16, 2008

Manhattan Beach

Last morning at the beach.Today's stair number: 1

May 15, 2008

Beach Garden

Rose and cactus garden on Manhattan Beach.Today's stair number: 0

May 14, 2008

After Sunset

The last fiery oranges after sunset behind the Santa Monica Mountains.Today's stair number: 0

May 13, 2008

Early Morning

Manhattan Beach, early in the morning.Today's stair number: 0

May 12, 2008

Late Afternoon

Manhattan Beach in the late afternoon.Today's stair number: 0

May 11, 2008

Spring After

A cast bronze sculpture by Nancy Helfant (1963).Today's stair number: 5

May 10, 2008

Performing Marks

Radcliffe Seminar - day 2.Today's stair number: 1

May 09, 2008

Performing Marks

Radcliffe Seminar - day 1.Today's stair number: 2

May 08, 2008

Putnam House

Home of (most of) the Science Fellows.Today's stair number: 2

May 07, 2008

Spring Collection

Lilacs on the Radcliffe Yard.Today's stair number: 1

May 06, 2008

Fuller Bloom!

How long will spring last?Today's stair number: 1

May 05, 2008

Spring Collection

On the verge of over-blooming.Today's stair number: 1

May 04, 2008

Spring Collection

More Spring blooms.Today's stair number: 4

May 03, 2008

MIT 32-G449

The infamous slanted CS conference room that has been known to make people nauseous... MIT 32-G449 decodes to room 449 on the Gates (as in Bill and Melinda) side of the Stata Center (built on the site of the real building 32).Today's stair number: 2

May 02, 2008

Providence, RI

Visit at Brown University.Today's stair number: 1

May 01, 2008

Maxwell Dworkin

Inside, a plaque reads:
"Named for Mary Maxwell Gates and Beatrice Dworkin Ballmer whose sons William H. Gates III and Steven A. Ballmer envisioned a vibrant setting for Harvard students and faculty in which to foster knowledge in computer science and electrical engineering for the benefit of all - October 12, 1999"Today's stair number: 2