The Mathematics in Music

A couple of weeks ago, Elaine Chew gave a spectacular lecture/recital titled The Mathematics in Music. She performed Tamar Diesendruck's Sudoku Variations for the piece's world premiere, Ivan Tcherepnin's Fetes - Variations on Happy Birthday and Peter Child's Doubles III.

The performance of Fetes was accompanied by a live real-time visualization of the tonal structures of the piece as computed by the MuSA.RT system (which I created with Chew). The project demo page links to video excerpts captured during rehearsal.


s.tcherepnin said…
Wonderful news.. I'd love to
see and hear what you did with my
brother's Happy Birthday variations !
s.tcherepnin said…
The videos are amazingly in a
style of independence and originality
of thought which Ivan would have
loved.. and well played, too !

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