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Thoughts on MuSA_RT 2.0

The objective for MuSA_RT 2.0 as a holiday project was to use cutting edge software development tools and frameworks/packages to put MuSA.RT in the hands of anyone with a phone, tablet or computer (limited to the Apple ecosystem because of resource and time constraints). The version currently in the Apple App Store , although quite crude in many respects, achieves this goal, and will serve, time permitting, as a starting point for exciting explorations. 3D graphics and Augmented Reality Rendering 3D geometry that approximates the original MuSA_RT graphics was almost too easy, and as a result hasn't yet received the attention it deserves. There is much to explore and improve in terms of geometry and appearance (materials and lighting), and then efficiency. Similarly, the Augmented Reality (AR) mode is but a bare proof of concept, which only sets the stage for exciting explorations. The first question is of course: what, if anything, can an AR experience of MuSA_RT bring to the pe

MuSA_RT 2.0

The Music on the Spiral Array . Real Time (MuSA.RT) project started almost 20 years ago. My first collaboration with Elaine Chew , MuSA_RT applies music analysis algorithms rooted in her  Spiral Array model  of tonality, which also provides the 3D geometry for the interactive visualization space. The MuSA.RT project lasted many years, produced numerous publications, and various versions of the system featured in lectures and performances all around the world. The software produced for this project was a constantly evolving research prototype (not something to put in the hands of a general public user), and subject to contemporary technical limitations. A Mac App released in 2012, intended as companion software for the book  Mathematical and Computational Modeling of Tonality: Theory and Applications , Elaine Chew (2014) , made the system accessible to general users. MuSA_RT 2.0  is a universal iOS/iPadOS/macOS app that analyses the audio signal from a microphone, and offers