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Priorities App 2.0

Simply manage lists of prioritized items The second iteration of the Priorities App pushes further the minimalistic UX design and adds a new feature: lists of lists. I presented the motivation behind the app and the design of the first version in a previous post . Priorities App 2.0 is  available for download on the App Store . The home screen looks exactly the same as in the first iteration. The model is completely backward compatible, and users who do not need the lists of lists feature will not even be aware of it. This was a strong design requirement for 2.0. The new feature is the ability to define inclusion relationships between any one item and any number of other existing items. From a user perspective, this mechanism provides a way to organize items hierarchically. Technically, it only amounts to a display/navigation convenience, as the underlying model is still a single master list of items.  In practice an item can be a "subitem" of any existing item. This also m